Are you stressed?

Are you stressed?
Everybody experiences stress. Stress is a natural respond of our body to challenges, pressure and tension. If the amount of stress we are experiencing is getting too high and we are in a state of emergency all the time, our body reacts with symptoms that can make us suffer severely and even make us sick.

Stress = positive!? Are you kidding?
Not every stress makes us sick. Coping with challenges is something we do everyday and if this kind of stress is not overwhelming us, it even motivates us to move forward and adapt to new situations. “To live” means “to be under stress”*.
For our body it means also to be under stress when we are getting excited, when we are doing a big career-step or getting married. Everybody would agree that these situation are nice happenings in life… We call this kind of stress “Eustress”.

And how about the BAD stress?
Today it is almost fashion to say: “I am stressed”. This might be because we live in a hectic time where we have to perform high and efficient at all times.
Stress that makes us sick is called “Distress”. This kind of stress can be triggered by many different situations. For instance through:
– conflicts in the job or family
– performance pressure
– continuous noise
– getting fired or change of job
– isolation
– monotony
– financial problems
– …

What is important to understand here is, that it lies in the reality of the individual, if a certain situation becomes a stress trigger or not.

What can stress do to me?
Experiencing distress puts our body out of balance. The body is put into a state of emergency, adrenalin is produced, and muscle-tonicity is high. If this state is maintained over long time, it can lead to negative symptoms such as
– continuous anxiety
– loss of concentration
– sleeping-problems
– headache or even migraine
– stomach problems
– eating disorders
– inability to make decisions
– resignation and depression
– Muscle tension
– neck-pain / back-pain
– high blood pressure
– heart-disease
– …

And what’s the good news?
The good news is, that each of us can learn how to cope with or to prevent stress.
The first step to do is, to become aware of your individual stress-triggers and stress-situations and to make the decision to do something about it!
There is many exercises and activities you can do, that reduce stress and restore your inner balance. However, if you experience to be stuck into certain situations that repeatedly trigger stress or if you find yourself dealing with stress symptoms that overwhelm you, then you should consider to see someone (for example coach) to help you from the outside and overcome your individual stress-patterns.

Tips and tricks to cope with Stress

Tip1: Take a break!
Taking a break from time to time makes you aware of how much you have already achieved!

Tip 2: Sleep enough!
All the stress we experience during the day is processed by our brain during our sleeping time. Studies have showed that an adult person needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep to regenerate and get fit again. Thereof the first 3 to 4 hours are used to regenerate physically. The last 3 to 4 hours is the sleep we need to cope with mental stress, thats the phase when we dream the most. Cutting down our sleeping time too often keeps our mind from coping with emotional stress and will lead sooner or later into an imbalance.

Tip 3: Do sports!
Physical exercise decomposes the adrenalin (the stress hormone Nr.1) in your body, balances your energy and releases muscle tension. Doing a mind-body exercise such as Pilates even enhances the benefits through the effects of the diaphragmatic breathing technique and body awareness and helps to reduce physical as well as mental stress.

Tip 4: Start your day with a plan!
Take some time in the morning to get clear what you want and can achieve during the day. Set realistic goals!
Make a priority list of the tasks you need to achieve during the day. Do tasks first that are “important/urgent”, then do the ones that are “important/less-urgent” and at the end the “urgent/less-important ones”.

Tip 5: Reward yourself
When you have reached a goal (this can also be a small goal during the day), reward yourself with something that brings you happiness and motivation. Go to drink a tee, watch TV for 5 minutes, stare out of the window, talk to someone nice or do something small to make someone happy.

Would you like to talk with someone about your stressing situations?
Do you seek to resolve stressing things in your life?

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