What is Systemic Coaching?

Systemic coaching is looking at social systems in a holistic approach. Every Individuum is an element of the whole and is interacting with other elements in the system. Changing one element envolves all other elements to change until the system is newly aligned and in equilibrium again.

Mobilé as a model of a system with interacting parts

You are a member of many different human systems. Your family of origin, your work, your school, your community and your country … these are all systems that you belong to. However, the most influential system is the family of origin (parents, siblings). In systemic theory, individual behaviors reflect strategies and patterns a human has learned in order to survive in a system. Systemic coaching is focusing on these patterns and relationships in order for the elements to find the “right systemic place”. Doing so, a systemic coaching can help to find solutions that are literally beyond the imagination of system members.