Touch for Health – Applied Kinesiology

Balance your Body!

Touch for Health Kinesiology is a chiropractic diagnostic method using muscle testing as a tool to get responses from the nervous system and identify imbalances in your body. It is based on the Chinese perception of energy flow in the body.

How is muscle testing working to access your energy?

You could look at your body as a complex electrical system controlled by the brain. There are constant electrical signals going back and forth between the brain and the other parts of your body and the 639 muscles of your body. Nerves are the “wires”.

Thanks to this brilliant communication system, “balance” is achieved and health is maintained. From birth on, programs are created by your nervous system to help you learn and adapt to

  • Structural/physical challenges
  • Emotional challenges
  • Chemical/nutritional challenges.

However, when you experience a stress, a short circuit can happen between your brain and your muscles. We could say that the communication is interrupted. You stop learning or adapting. You cannot deal with your own life challenges. Illness or symptoms appear. They might appear after many years of stress, or long after a trauma.

Kinesiology looks at all the stresses that can cause un-wellness, disease, or malfunction using the muscle test to get feedback about what is going on inside you.

Kinesiology can help adults and children to

  • Reduce stress and pain,
  • Improve performance at school, at work, at home, in sports
  • Handle conflicts in relationships, at work, at school
  • Handle stress
  • Make decisions, face choices
  • Prioritize task
  • Identify emotional blockages
  • Improve your vitality
  • Relieve you from allergies