Latest weather events in Thailand

Apparently, many different theories circulate, why the weather is so cold and stormy in Thailand nowadays.
Rumor 1: “It’s a consequence of the Tsunami in Japan”
Rumor 2: “It’s a consequence of the earthquakes”
Rumor 3: “It’s a consequence of the nuclear radiation from Japan”
Rumor 4: “The earthquake has changed the angle of the rotation axis (ecliptic) of the earth so much, that now it is winter instead of summer”
Rumor 5: “The earth is a living organism and has a consciousness like we humans… as there are so many bad things going on in the world, it is evident that we are encountering a big change of epoque and the worlds soul is moving… therefore everything is changing and we will encounter even more disasters in the near future”
Rumor 6: “The year of the rabbit started badly and this is a very bad sign….. all those things that had happened are bringing bad luck into the world and we will face even more disastrous happenings this year”

So…. which one is right?

Non of all!
The current climatic situation has nothing to do at all with the earthquake in Japan, and from a scientific point of view it has also nothing to do with the earths soul or the year of the rabbit.
It is simply a coincidence, that this weather hits Thailand just after the Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear catastrophe and Libyan war. Of course it is very opportune to draw some conclusions that depend on these happenings.
And of course, many self-made gurus will give us many answers in the near future to show us how wise and enlightened they are… and of course, many of us will believe and become scared and may be even pay money to avoid bad luck or apply for a course to gain insight to become as wise as the guru.

Anyway, as I am a little guru too ;-), I’m happy to give you my (and most probably the correct) answer to the question of the climatic situation in Thailand. But this answer, in contrast to many others, is from a scientific point of view…

You don’t believe in humanistic science or you have doubts that humanistic science is able to explain natural precesses as they are too complex to grasp and therefor it’s better not to start at all but rather go with an esoteric kind of explanation? Then it might be better for you not to read on!

At the present moment, we are experiencing the effects of a phenomenon called La Niña. La Niña is the opposite of El Niño and is well known among meteorologists.
During a period of La Niña, the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal and in the Western Pacific Ocean higher than normal.
In simple words, this means that the water temperature of the Pacific in the Coral Sea (Australia), Java Sea (Indonesia), Bismark sea (Papua New Guinea), Philippines Sea as well as South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand are much higher than usually.
The consequence of this is, that the air over the ocean gets warmer too, and therefore can saturate easily with moisture. Warm air is lighter than cold air and rises up in the atmosphere. As it rises up higher and higher, it cools down. This makes the moisture in the air to condensate, which leads to clouds which leads to rainfall. As the sea is much warmer than normal at the present moment, we have more clouds and more rainfall than usual.

The Phenomenon of La Niña:


When we look  at the latest measurements of sea temperature from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), we can see that the temperatures in the western pacific ocean are around 30 degree celsius which is higher then normal in this time of the year.


Regarding the La Niña Phenomenon, NOAA is continuously conducting desaster assesment. The latest assessment-map states, that heavy rains are still expected in all regions of south Thailand until april 5, 2011. Please see the following assessment map: