Balance vs. Imbalance


Applied Kinesiology is a holistic health method that synthesizes western chiropractic, Chinese medicine and mental coaching. Its goal is to balance the physical, emotional and mental equilibrium and to activate the body’s inner energy and self-healing processes.

Balance Imbalance
When your system is in balance the neurovascular communication between your brain and your body is in harmony and health is maintained. Your nervous system helps you to learn and adapt well to physical and emotional challenges. Imbalance means stress for your system. The communication between your brain and your muscles is interrupted. It’s becoming difficult to make good decisions and you have a hard time to deal with your own life challenges. Illness or symptoms might appear, even after many years of stress.


Finding Energetic Imbalances
Applied Kinesiology works with the fact that physical, emotional and mental processes are reflected by the reactivity and tonicity of the muscles. We can get a biofeedback from our muscles to find out what energies are imbalanced and where stressful patterns are imprinted.

Restoring Balance
In a kinesiology session, we seek to combine body, mind and soul to bring them into good balance.

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