Need a break? – Mind Detox Session!

Join us at the Pilates Station for our

Mind Detox Session

Price per Session: THB 400

Allow yourself to re-energize during 1 hour!

What is a Mind Detox Session?

For any action you do, whether it is in your everyday live, in sports or in business, impulses are released from your brain and information is transported through your nervous system. This means, whatever comes to your mind, whether this is an idea, something that makes you happy or sad or stressed, has a direct impact to your moods and feelings, even to your immune-system.
In order to stay young, fit and healthy, it is therefore important to establish a good mind-body balance and to release stress regularly which enables you to be cope well with any everyday-situation.


How is a Mind Detox Session conducted?

During a Mind Detox Session, Markus will give you a short input about mind-body balance and teach you some useful exercises to establish such balance in your everyday life.
He will then conduct a guided imagery exercise which will help you to relax your muscles from strain, quiet your mind, recharge your batteries and stimulate your creativity.


Benefits of Mind Detox

The Mind Detox Session expands your ways of thinking and perception of yourself and the world around. It helps you to access your creativity and fantasy that is present in your unconscious mind. It also helps you to release Stress, creates inner balance and strengthens your self-awareness.

  • Studies have shown that practicing guided imagery may be able to:
  • temporarily increase numbers of immune system cells
  • increase feelings of well-being
  • increase concentration and visualization skills
  • reduce tension pain
  • reduce feelings of stress and anger
  • reduce sleep disorders

To register call: 02 662 3341 or email: [email protected]